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Pet Microchipping
How We Implant

  It's implanted with an injection just above the top of the left shoulder. Your pet will hardly feel a thing. The chip, also internationally known as an ISO chip or transponder, has got a unique identification code which can't be erased or changed. How thechipping is done


A standard hypodermic needle is used to insert the capsule into the subcutaneous layer or intra muscular site, usually at the back of the neck of domestic cats and dogs.  Other locations may also be used.

The identity tag reader, or "scanner" generates a low energy signal as it is passed over the animal.  This signal activates the chip causing it to transmit its identification number. 

Once received, the number is then displayed on the scanner's LCD screen. Reading time is less than 40 milliseconds (.04seconds).

At CHIPPET.COM our mission is to supply the service of professional animal chipping at the lowest possible price to help reunite lost pets with their loving owners. 
 The chip
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If you feel a friend or relative may not have had their pet chipped please provide their name and address and we will send them a free "Guide To Getting Your Pet Chipped"



  All The Technical Info
It's 12mm long and 2mm in diameter!           More Info...

Microchip Bulk sales for Animal and Asset identification.

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