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New Smaller Syringe Type Microchip Bulk sales for Pets.

Microchip Bulk sales for Animal and Asset identification.


Pet Microchipping               What Is Implanted

The microchip is an electronic tag the size of a grain of rice.

It is a computer readable microchip which can be painlessly inserted under the skin.

Your pet's identity is recorded for life on a national register.  If your pet ever gets lost, he or she can be traced back to you by animal shelters or vets with scanning equipment.  

   The chip is made out of inert materials, and has no power source,
it is ectronically inactive until
activated by the scanner.
Then it returns to its inactive state once scanned.

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Encoded on a the chip is a specific code number unique to the pet which is registered along with details of it's breed, sex, age and most importantly the owners name, address and telephone numbers.  

Information on the microchip is read with a special scanner.       chip your pet


  All The Technical Info
It's 12mm long and 2mm in diameter!           More Info...

Microchip Bulk sales for Animal and Asset identification.

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