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Microchip Bulk sales for Animal and Asset identification.

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At CHIPPET.COM our mission is to supply the service of professional animal chipping at the lowest possible price to help reunite lost pets with their loving owners. 
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Our Trained personnel are life long animal lovers who revel in the opportunity to save lives by providing an affordable pet chipping service direct to your door.

To find a microchipper in your area view our Pet Microchippers Directory.

You must varify a pet microchippers expertese directly.

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Everyday unidentified pets are destroyed in animal homes around the country. Many of these animals could have been reunited with their owners if identification had been possible. Animals disappear for a variety of reasons, they are injured, frightened, lost, stray or are stolen.

If your pet is lost, escapes or is stolen with a microchip fitted you will be contacted as soon as your pet is found. There are over 3,000 scanners in use all over the country, which can read the unique code stored in the microchip,
it is then a simple process of looking up the owner details stored on the PetLog database.

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Pet owners thinking about having their pet "chipped" often have questions regarding the process and our pages are here to help.

  All The Technical Info
It's 12mm long and 2mm in diameter!           More Info...

Microchip Bulk sales for Animal and Asset identification.

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