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 Chip Your Pet supplies Bulk orders of Microchips and scanners
.  Direct from the manufacturers.

 Pet Microchip ID Tags
and microchip scanners
Pet microchip diagram

Radio Frequency Identification Devices or RFID. Microchip technology is based on the use of scanners sending out a radio wave or electro magnetic field. When a scanner comes into proximity with a chip, the chip is energised by the radio wave and transmits its unique code back to the scanner. The scanner LCD will then display the microchip number for a minute.
It is the scanner that does all the work! The microchip is passive.

Microchips are supplied loose
or enclosed within an applicator.

Samples and supplies are provided
under strict guidelines to prevent
their misuse.

Scanner Spec

New Smaller Syringe Type Microchip Bulk sales for Pets.

Microchip Bulk sales for Animal and Asset identification

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 Asset Microchip ID Tags Microchip_discs

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Asset Microchip Scanners            
 We offer a range of Enterprise level scanners for commercial asset tracking   Commercial scanner RFID Spec sheet   Commercial scanner MX Spec sheet

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Specialised remote asset tracking consultants and engineers experienced in achieving the best return on your investment are available to help you manage and deploy your project.
Contact us for details on 020 8803 7768

  All The Technical Info
It's 12mm long and 2mm in diameter!           More Info...

Microchip Bulk sales for Animal and Asset identification.

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